This is a FREE course to introduce new viewers into the PEMS-MAP manifestation system, taught using a story telling and step by step understanding of the concepts we use in synchroshakti academy to manifest abundance with our students.

In this course you will learn:

  • “Guarantee Wealth, Health, Relationships & more in less than a year”
  • “How To Succeed Despite Self-Doubt, Procrastination, Health Issues, Distrust In The Universe"
  • “How To succeed even when everything is against you and you have no external support”

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Hi, I’m Kartika Nair

Kartika Nair is the founder of “SynchroShakti’ a personal development brand, geared to empower people of various walks of life find their inner power and create their own miracles, through teachings of Mindfulness, Law of attraction, Ho’oponopono and Neuro linguistic programming.

Synchroshakti began way back in 2011, as Kartika’s YouTube channel which has over the years amassed tens of thousands of subscribers tuning in two times every week for video content that empowers them mentally, emotionally, physically, but also spiritually.

Kartika rose herself from failure to success, from depression, panic and anxiety to complete recovery and excellence and holds the principles of mindfulness responsible for her healing and teaches mindfulness as the foundation for all personal and life excellence.

Kartika is a 28 year old coach, trainer, entrepreneur and a conscious musician teaching people worldwide to rise above their mental, emotional and physical challenges and become the best version of themselves.

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